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“To forget how to dig the earth and to tend the soil is to forget ourselves.” -Gandhi

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Seed order

Got my seed order in from "MySeeds.co"  (there is no "m" there) and I have to say I love that place.

They have a 'coupon code' right now that takes off 15% and a flat rate for shipping of $3.95 which is GREAT especially if you order a lot of seeds.  I ordered around 40 different seeds and was able to save quite a bunch of $$$ IMO.  There are many seed packets which are $1, yep ONE DOLLAR!!! and some of the packets I ordered have HUNDREDS AND THOUSANDS of seeds in them.

This is a perfect site for those who want to experiment with new seed and even those who want 'regular' seed.  (whatever that may mean to you)

I found every seed I was even REMOTELY thinking about growing.  From Red Grand Onions to clover to feverfew.  sigh, I'm in seed heaven.

Anyways, they are NOT paying me anything for this "plug"; I'm just that happy with my order :)

I will be making another order before the year is over since the code is for this year.... (code: 15OFF)

and it is so easy to check out...they take paypal!

Anyways.... for those of you who want a LOT of seed for cheap price....check them out!

I have to admit that I ONLY was looking at their herbs and for specific seeds so I have NOT checked out the WHOLE inventory of what they have.

I will be doing that.

Also, please remember that if you leave a comment, I cannot reply for some reason... but I DO read all comments!  And I thank you for them!