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“To forget how to dig the earth and to tend the soil is to forget ourselves.” -Gandhi

Friday, June 17, 2016

Nichols Seeds

If you buy any seeds from Nichols they are having a special of 25% off all veggie, herb, and flower seeds.  Just use the code SUMMER

I like this company.  But that is me.

in case the link doesn't work:  www.nicholsgardennursery.com/

Sunday, February 28, 2016

start of this years gardens

Here are some pictures of what has been started for the gardens this year; both at home and school:

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

seed catalogs, garden calendars, and a few more things

Yes I was not going to post on here anymore ..but you know what they say about good intentions.


I've gotten two seed catalogs so far: Johnny's (one of my favorites) and a new one "Sow True Seed".   This new one is located in North Carolina and offer a biweekly newsletter and three ways to order.  I'm really getting to like being able to order online and they offer this.  BUT it is SO much easier to "go overboard" online, ya know what I mean?  Harder to write a check.  LOL!

The newsletter says it offers:  event schedules, workshops/classes, seasonal offerings, & discounts/giveaways

Here is where you can sign up for their newsletter:
sow true seed newsletter

And their website:
Sow True Seed

Now about garden calendars.... I STILL haven't found or made one I can really use. And I can't seem to just keep a journal like one.

I lose "real" ones, like on a calendar or in a date book.  But I can't find an online one that I like ...that is free!  yes, I'm cheap!  I've thought about simply recording things on here -and I may.  But I want to use a similar pattern each day.  I'm thinking date, temperature, weather, what got planted, what got harvested, what got weeded, what pests found, plans, designs, etc...

But I've told myself that I really want to keep records this year; so I'm gonna try again. After all, I need to eat better, I enjoy gardening, I need more exercise, and my life may one day depend on my garden.

I have these same thoughts every year but "life" (aka: work) takes up so much time, I'm exhausted by the time it is time to work in the yard.

So I'm watching more "how to grow a zillion pounds of food in ten square feet" types of videos, trying to get my students involved in food production AND trying to "make a plan"!

I really want to be a garden warrior and not an armchair one. ;)

One more goal I have is to establish a really good herb bed.  I've managed (somehow) to grow a few herbs here and there and have managed to NOT kill my rosemary (yet) but I really want to do more.  I've four raised beds and a bunch of older seed.  I'm gonna fill them with fresh soil and lot's of rabbit poo and see which seeds sprout.  So I'll have four "surprise" beds.

Speaking of all this; I really need to find a place fairly close, to find treasures to use in the garden... things I can use to make more beds, etc.

Ya'all have a great day!  :)

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Gonna be moving

Hi all!

Well I've come to the conclusion that Blogger just won't "fix" so I've set up a new forum.  I know it isn't going to be in this format and i still have to figure out pictures and all that.

But if you'd like to come join, you are most welcome.  I just really got fed up with NOT being able to post on my own pages and reply to the comments.

So if your game and want to, HERE is the new and improved KAIJAFONS CHATTERING 

I'll be leaving this for a while but eventually this will be deleted.  :(

Thanks so much for being  a part of my life!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

a few pictures from the yard

someday I will ID this pretty delicate blue flower.  it's all over my yard.

First strawberries of the year, yum!

some of my container plants, both eatable and non-eatable

The plastic spoons help keep the cats out! grrrr!

my bunny loves the violets

This green pepper plant is from last year and I thought it was dead. 

Pretty new rose.  But it is more orangey in real life.

so hoping that I will get some tators!  the pot  has raspberries. 

the "secret" garden... lol! actually just the south side of the yard and best place to grow stuff.

Yellow straight neck squash, sure hope I get some this year. 

GRAPES!!! first year!  but some are already 'rotting'.  boo!

my ginko plant I grew from seed, finally replanted.  

not sure what is going on with these leaves...

And the blackberries are producing!  got a few today ripe and yum!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

It's that time of the year where I try to...

March 1st... the beginning of my own personal struggle to control myself.

First there are those seed catalogs that are trickling in.

Then those mesmerizing moments when I "accidentally" wander too close to the garden department at Walmart.  Drive too close to Lowe's.

Well yesterday, I DID wander too close to the garden dept of Walmart.  They have their roses out.  They had the older bags of bird seed marked down (but still not low enough for me), old bird feeders marked down (yep, ended up controlling myself with just ONE), and hundreds of packages of seeds.

I ended up with a touch top garbage can for the Rabbit poo (yep I'm getting a rabbit on Monday for my classroom, (miniature lion manes' ???) and need something to put the poop in so I can bring it home for my gardens raised beds.

I got thick and thin bamboo sticks for a green bean trellis I am planning for one of my raised beds.

Two new house plants cause I've not killed nearly enough of them.

and my yearly new rose bush.

So I think I made out ok.  Didn't go TOO badly overboard, I did resist the bird seed after all.

But I can smell spring out there now.  And that tells me it's time to get some seeds started in pots. :)

Go outside and breath the spring air!  It's there, somewhere.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Seed order

Got my seed order in from "MySeeds.co"  (there is no "m" there) and I have to say I love that place.

They have a 'coupon code' right now that takes off 15% and a flat rate for shipping of $3.95 which is GREAT especially if you order a lot of seeds.  I ordered around 40 different seeds and was able to save quite a bunch of $$$ IMO.  There are many seed packets which are $1, yep ONE DOLLAR!!! and some of the packets I ordered have HUNDREDS AND THOUSANDS of seeds in them.

This is a perfect site for those who want to experiment with new seed and even those who want 'regular' seed.  (whatever that may mean to you)

I found every seed I was even REMOTELY thinking about growing.  From Red Grand Onions to clover to feverfew.  sigh, I'm in seed heaven.

Anyways, they are NOT paying me anything for this "plug"; I'm just that happy with my order :)

I will be making another order before the year is over since the code is for this year.... (code: 15OFF)

and it is so easy to check out...they take paypal!

Anyways.... for those of you who want a LOT of seed for cheap price....check them out!

I have to admit that I ONLY was looking at their herbs and for specific seeds so I have NOT checked out the WHOLE inventory of what they have.

I will be doing that.

Also, please remember that if you leave a comment, I cannot reply for some reason... but I DO read all comments!  And I thank you for them!