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“To forget how to dig the earth and to tend the soil is to forget ourselves.” -Gandhi

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

seed catalogs, garden calendars, and a few more things

Yes I was not going to post on here anymore ..but you know what they say about good intentions.


I've gotten two seed catalogs so far: Johnny's (one of my favorites) and a new one "Sow True Seed".   This new one is located in North Carolina and offer a biweekly newsletter and three ways to order.  I'm really getting to like being able to order online and they offer this.  BUT it is SO much easier to "go overboard" online, ya know what I mean?  Harder to write a check.  LOL!

The newsletter says it offers:  event schedules, workshops/classes, seasonal offerings, & discounts/giveaways

Here is where you can sign up for their newsletter:
sow true seed newsletter

And their website:
Sow True Seed

Now about garden calendars.... I STILL haven't found or made one I can really use. And I can't seem to just keep a journal like one.

I lose "real" ones, like on a calendar or in a date book.  But I can't find an online one that I like ...that is free!  yes, I'm cheap!  I've thought about simply recording things on here -and I may.  But I want to use a similar pattern each day.  I'm thinking date, temperature, weather, what got planted, what got harvested, what got weeded, what pests found, plans, designs, etc...

But I've told myself that I really want to keep records this year; so I'm gonna try again. After all, I need to eat better, I enjoy gardening, I need more exercise, and my life may one day depend on my garden.

I have these same thoughts every year but "life" (aka: work) takes up so much time, I'm exhausted by the time it is time to work in the yard.

So I'm watching more "how to grow a zillion pounds of food in ten square feet" types of videos, trying to get my students involved in food production AND trying to "make a plan"!

I really want to be a garden warrior and not an armchair one. ;)

One more goal I have is to establish a really good herb bed.  I've managed (somehow) to grow a few herbs here and there and have managed to NOT kill my rosemary (yet) but I really want to do more.  I've four raised beds and a bunch of older seed.  I'm gonna fill them with fresh soil and lot's of rabbit poo and see which seeds sprout.  So I'll have four "surprise" beds.

Speaking of all this; I really need to find a place fairly close, to find treasures to use in the garden... things I can use to make more beds, etc.

Ya'all have a great day!  :)

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