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“To forget how to dig the earth and to tend the soil is to forget ourselves.” -Gandhi

Sunday, September 25, 2011

today I began to lay to rest my garden....kinda

I am potting up my herbs and bringing them in where they have a chance of survival...none made it that I left out last year. I most likely will find some hay and actually cover the strawberries.

pull up any dead plants, dump old soil into the compost/big pots, put smaller pots in shed.

I have two more green tomatoes trying to grow so I will leave those plants.

The purple ground cherries have FINALLY put on flowers so I will leave those alone but I do not know if they will produce.

NONE of my cucumber or squash plants produced fruit: lot's of flowers but NO FRUIT!!!! I will plant in a different place next year.

Still working on my green house design, figure there is no hurry since there is no one to actually build it.

Hit THREE dollar general stores and got ALL their huge pots left over: ended up with 8 total!! all were marked down like 75% or more! yay! Their weed fabric was ALSO MARKED DOWN THAT MUCH!! Yes I am YELLING in excitement!! lol!


  1. Hi Kellie,

    I'm guessing you're getting fall temps there already. Here in Arizona it's 106 degrees right now as I type this. Fall doesn't happen until about December.

    Did you cross-pollinate your squash? They have male and female flowers, and the bees don't always do their job. My buddy that lives a few streets over uses a makeup brush to ensure the blooms come to fruit.


  2. yes we are getting some fall temps. Had a tornado warning today one county over/down/south? lol!

    Yes I tried the pollinate yourself thing. I figured the neighbor may have sprayed some herbicide (very close to my garden).

    I will try again next year :)

    thanks for the advise and stopping by!!!


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