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“To forget how to dig the earth and to tend the soil is to forget ourselves.” -Gandhi

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Morning walk about

I decided to finally take some pictures of what is "waking up" in my yard.

The hyacinth is blooming pretty :)

this pretty is growing in my backyard just in the middle of the grass. I'll have to look up the name.

This tiny daffodil is also growing in the middle of the backyard. I'm hoping to transplant these this year.

yes my straw is growing! I had bought one of those tiny bales that wally world had last fall for "fall decorations" thinking "wow, nice dry and dead straw! perfect size!" and what does it do? but GROW in the pots my strawberries are in. I got to protect the strawberries!!!! Now I'm almost afraid to begin to pull it out because this stuff has roots! sigh! lol!

now for the brats that seem determined to adopt me and my yard. Let's follow them, well maybe just the one since the others were harder to follow:


Seriously, quit following me! I WILL dig up all your plants!


  1. It looks like your yard has many lovely flowers. Wally World straw grows? Makes you wonder if you'll get some wheat off of it. The kitties are cute, even if they are brats. They know a good person when they see one. :-)

  2. I am tempted to let some of that 'straw' grow and see if it seeds or not. I figure that the strawberries that were under there are most likely dead. I may just pry up some of it to confirm that. Yes the kitties are cute but I call them brats because while they will not let me pet them, they DO love to walk under my feet and try to trip me every chance they get. lol! Thanks for stopping by today! :)


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