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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Medicinal garden update

So we FINALLY got the Medicinal Garden planted at the college.  YAY!!!!   And here we go with pictures of "My Baby":
 Some "free" medicinals growing outside the "willow box" and up the stairs

 Strawberries gonna go into the willow box

 Dr. Marsico, the professor I love to bug about plants, and who helped get this garden in; sitting on the "Echinacea box" which also has feverfew in it. :)

 Willow box, before planting
 This is the "Mint Box"; fully of many different varieties of mint

 Oregon Grape, with lot's of fruits. 

 Another look at the "Mint Box"

 This is wild ginger which is native to AR.  It is Canadian wild ginger (Asarum canadense): see it under the holly?
 And this is the "Drop off box".  It has the wild ginger at the one end (see above) and if you were to fall over the left side, the drop off is about oh say..... 20 or so feet down.  We are trying to get them to put up a rail for safety's sake.  This box has:
 Some dill
 And a better picture of the dill
 a lone rosemary plant with a tiny tarragon plant to the left of it but it's covered with needles so no one pulls it up thinking it is a weed.  It's much bigger now.

 And the "Beebalm Box", different beebalms. but this guy seems to be doing the best...the others were not doing well in the greenhouse.  When I last checked though, they were still hanging in there.

 Here is the wonderful Echinacea finally in it's box
 another view
 Another view of the "Drop off Box"
 One more..... "Drop off box"
 And now there is Chamomile in the Drop off Box
 Dr. Marsico planting the willows (Coyote Willow) and making sure they are "even"
 He is working hard, (I'm supervising and taking pictures)
 A close up of one of the free medicinals next to the Willow Box..... it's a dandelion in case you can't tell
"Why aren't you helping me, Kellie?"  LOL! not really, he is super nice.  I did plant those strawberries. 
 Someone was watching us from the Oregon grapes.....

 Still working hard......
 Took him FOREVER to plant those two itty bitty trees, sigh he should have had some help ;)
The Feverfew is in the "left" (back side) of the Echinacea Box. Yes that is a Dock plant we left in.  

Finally, he is done!  Whew! that was some hard work!  But all in all, I think it was about 1 and 1/2 hours from start to finish.  I'm not sure how many plants got planted.  We had a blast!   I've since taken a "two weeks later" set of photos that I need to find where I put them on my PC....I'll post a new post when I "find" them.  LOL!  Have a great day.

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