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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

helping with plant course at the university

Ok, I am SO excited!!! the University where I work/play is going to see about adding an ethnobotany BS degree AND they want ME to help put it all together!!!!! As a grad student, that means I get to do all the work!!!! YAY!! that means my …yes MY… input is going to be tremendous! (doesn't mean they will accept it all though, lol! sorry had to deflate my head a bit).

This means I will be working on figuring out all the courses necessary and what new courses we need here and how they may be structured. Just everything! Even recommending text books and maybe putting together a lab manual or two.

This is such good news! We have a major in Botany, I was the last person to get a minor in botany. And we only currently have ONE class that even touches on this subject (ethnobotany) and it is only offered 'on demand' which means once every ten or so years. The university has been 'trimming' all the botany courses, they even got rid of the botany dept, merging it with biology. We have one of the best Herbariums in the country and it is just sitting there. So this will help utilize it more and even ADD to it. It will also help push it online!

But the best part is that I'm hoping it will draw MORE STUDENTS to love plants!!!!

can you tell I'm excited? There are only two universities in the country currently offering this degree.

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