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“To forget how to dig the earth and to tend the soil is to forget ourselves.” -Gandhi

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Here is my letter

I sent a letter to all the idiots in Oak Parks, Michigan for their persecution of the lady who is trying (and succeeding very well) to grow a garden in her front yard. Seems these idiots actually think that veggies plants are UNCOMMON.


And here is my letter (subject line is "Your disregard for the Constitution of the USA"):

Dear Sirs and/or Madams:

I'm writing you today with a sad, heavy, and ticked off heart. See I am a "Michigander"; was born and raised in Flint, MI. And it breaks my heart to see a city that acts in such a way that brings reproach on the great state of Michigan.

Yes, I'm talking about the MUCH talked about Oak Parks situation where it seems the city is going after a woman who is not only trying to FEED her family but doing so in a GREAT and INSPIRING way.

I've seen the pictures of her yard, there is NOT ONE plant in there that is "uncommon". There are NO weeds.

SERIOUSLY, you as leaders of the community should be ENCOURAGING the people YOU SERVE to grow their own food in these hard economical times. Michigan always seems to get HIT HARDER when the economy tanks and it would not only benefit the citizens you SERVE to encourage them to grow their own food; but it would make Oak Parks a LEADER in "green" forward thinking.

The way you are acting; persecuting this woman simply for having VERY NICE raised garden beds and FOOD growing in her front yard is not only STUPID but EVERYONE WHO READS about this story looks at YOU, yes YOU the 'so called' LEADERS WHO ARE TO SERVE the community -with disdain. And frankly, YOU are looking very bad and worse each day.

So how many people complained?? One that we know of. ONE. And so what? it's NOT THEIR YARD!

So you've stated you will be "pursuing this ALL the way" now. And what will you accomplish if you "win"? Will it be a real win? No it won't. Hopefully your city is NOT completely FULL of idiots who have nothing better to do than make life harder for a person who is simply trying to do the best she can to SURVIVE.

I'm sure that there will be even MORE letters to the judge who hears this case and demands to follow the LAW of the land which by the way in case you FORGOT is the Constitution of the United States of America. Your little "city policies" are trumped by the constitution. And CONSTITUTIONALLY she has THE RIGHT to GROW HER OWN FOOD!!!!! And by the way, your very own policy of "only common plants" in the front yard actually UPHOLDS her being able to plant a garden since VEGETABLE plants are VERY common.

I sincerely hope that this DOES go to court and she asks the jury to nullify your stupid policy. And I hope she counter sues you and asks for compensation for all the mental stress AND all legal fees AND extra money for get an organization going that encourages ALL residents of Oak Parks to put in gardens!!! And I HOPE YOU ALL get replaced if you stand against her.

YOU people are a disgrace to your city, your state, your country and YOURSELVES. You forget you are SERVANTS of the city and are to work FOR the community's benefit. Someone planting FOOD for themselves BENEFITS a community. SO WHAT IF IT'S IN THE FRONT YARD!!!!!????? It's neat and orderly and BENEFICIAL!!

I won't be surprised if people who find your actions disgusting and unfair and ILLEGAL; start throwing rotten vegetables at you. I hope you get GOBS of it in the mail! And if they do, just think -they COULD have been giving you fresh wonderful tasting veggies to EAT.

Take a good look in the mirror today and ask yourself: what REALLY would benefit my city? Encouraging people to help themselves and make it through these hard economic times? (your answer should be YES) or persecuting a woman for growing veggies in her front yard? (your answer should be NO for this one)

and if you are an honest, humble person who wants to SERVE your community, you'll get off your high horse and power trip; go to that woman and LEARN something!!! Like how to grow tomatoes. And you'll learn about how she has been lifting peoples spirits and giving them HOPE and how she have been doing a GOOD thing for herself and her neighbors. THEN you need to get together and figure out how to encourage EVERYONE in your city to do this!

Remember: YOU are the ones making her into a martyr. If you for some ungodly reason succeed in your persecution; you will be the ones granting her even MORE power and you will STILL look FOOLISH!

As for the person who complained, tell them to 'GET A LIFE' and grow a garden -it soothes the soul.

I would sign this "Respectfully" but I have NO respect for you if you continue in this foolish nonsense.
So I will simply sign it:

Kellie Nelson
-she who is disgusted by the so called leaders of Oak Parks MICHIGAN and thinks they should should BE SMART and encourage MORE citizens to grow their own food!!

"To forget how to dig the earth and to tend the soil is to forget ourselves." -Gandhi

what do ya think? I think I was too soft on them. Anyways, I hope you go to her site and get the information to write these idiots. They all have emails.


  1. Hear!Hear! You go girl. Very well put and not a black work among it. Although I bet you wanted to call them one. These people are just plain nuts. I hope none of them get
    re-selected for office.

  2. I held back for sure! I want to go and just slap them upside their pointy little heads!! I tried to find an email for the lady being hunted; but could not find one. I wanted to send her a copy of the email. I'm seriously thinking of sending them rotten veggies in the mail.


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