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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hopefully the tables are turning for Monsanto

I always pronounce this icky name "Mon-ah-sat-n-toe"; I was wrong, it is "Mon-san-toe" or so 'they' say....

Well if you've been in the world of gardening for very long at all, you've heard about these gene-splicing, greedy patent defending, sue the organic farmer for 'stealing' your genes (despite the fact that organic gardeners/farmers cannot BE organic with it), money grubbing, powerful: Monsanto company.

Well there is now a law suit AGAINST them. Let me repeat: the lawsuit is AGAINST Monsanto. And to break it all down so we little people can understand it, is THIS GREAT WEBSITE.

It is brief and to the point (or rather FOUR points). I SO hope they win. :)


And if ya don't, well at least do not try to ruin organic!

One interesting side note. Each semester, in botany lab, I challenge the students to actually THINK about genetic modification. They haven't a clue usually. I give them about ONE WEEK to do research and form an opinion; no right or wrong answer; they just have to give their opinion and explain why. Usually only two or three even make the effort. The rest type up what they heard me say. sigh!

Our university is divided into numerous colleges. I am mostly in the College of Mathematics and Science and occasionally will wander over to the College of Agriculture to take a class or two on soils.

However, THEIR philosophy on GMO's are VERY different from us environmentalists over in the Sciences!! Let me tell you! They are ALL for it, except for a few brave souls that are for organic. In a class of about 20, there were only THREE of us!!!!

So I think (or shall I say "hope"?) things are changing. I know that at least one professor over there (agri) knows that we cannot keep doing all these monoculture crops because we are killing our soils. There are SO many great things a farm can do, to not only be organic, but be profitable. However, this rather crappy economy is really hurting our smaller farmers.....then again, people are buying more at farmers markets!

So yes, I will dare to say that I HOPE and THINK things are changing for the better! Ok, enough rambling! :)

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