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“To forget how to dig the earth and to tend the soil is to forget ourselves.” -Gandhi

Sunday, May 15, 2011

cooler weather

The weather has been cooler as I watch the flood waters creep closer to my town. So far the levy's are holding for our town. Can't say the same for the town just south of us, poor people have moats around their homes with flood waters still rising. The drainage ditches are still flowing backwards but we are hoping they will begin to flow right soon. Depends on how things go down in LA with them opening the flood gates. If our levy's go, it will only take about 15 minutes for the waters to reach my home. It's up off the ground about a foot and a half so maybe it will be ok...

I've found a few more wild edibles in my yard so here is the new list:

wild strawberries
viola's (johnny jump ups)
chick weed
plantain (two species)
wild onion (or chives) wish they were the garlic type
Shepard's purse
butter cups
poke weed

As for my garden, I've found some more pots so I hope to fill and plant those today, not sure what I'll put in them. A friend sent me some burpless cuc's so I'm sure one pot will be for those.

My peas and beans are up and I've a few tomatoes already forming on my 'mystery' plants...the 50 cent walmart unnamed ones.

My raised bed behind my shed, which I thought would be the one doing the BEST is actually the worst!! the plants in it haven't grown much at all... except the thyme. So I think that next year, that will be my permanent herb bed.

One lesson learned: plan where your beds will go DURING THE SUMMER!!! NOT THE WINTER!!! UGH! one bed that I THOUGHT would get at least four hours of sun, gets none. LOL! Well the plants in it seem to be happy.... but the yarrow is getting stretchy trying to find the light.

Only half of the strawberry plants I got from Gurneys (now I know why they were "on sale") are growing, the other half...nothing. But it is two different types. So it's all one type that is not doing anything. However, the two cherry trees I got are doing GREAT!!!! I LOVE cherries!!!

this is my empty yard that I hope to fill and revamp into permaculture over the next few years.... love all that space!! (it's very small, lol! perfect for just me)

my garden pictures are on my netbook but I'll up load some of them later!

peaceful planting!

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