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“To forget how to dig the earth and to tend the soil is to forget ourselves.” -Gandhi

Saturday, May 7, 2011

rain rain and more rain

so all the rain we've been getting has flooded many people. Thankfully, I have not been flooded out myself. And all this water has been wonderful for my garden! I even have my house plants out in it.

My heirloom Anasazi beans are beginning to sprout, a new bean for me to try. I usually just stick with Kentucky wonder or something. I love to eat beans raw so I don't' know exactly how those will taste but I'm growing the Kentucky also cause I know I like those.

I also picked up four "mystery" tomatoes from wally world, seriously they were selling just plain "tomatoes" for fifty cents each. Don't know what kinds they are but they have different looks, the leaves do. and they are growing at different rates....so we'll see.

I also found something I've been looking for since last year when I tasted them: chocolate cherry tomatoes!!! Found them at Lowes, they had four, I got two.... I wish I had more money at the time to grab all four. When I went back the last two were gone... but I've got two!!! So I hope they produce! They are growing great and one has some flowers on it. (which doesn't mean a lot here since last year, five of my plants had flowers but did not produce!)

I use raised beds and pots for my garden.

I have dug up some wildflowers this year and transplanted them. Some poppies, buttercups, yarrow, fleabane -all of which seem to be thriving.

I'm so happy that the crows did NOT dig up and eat my sunflower seeds, I've got six growing now.

I'll be filling more pots today and not sure exactly what I'll be planting yet but I've plenty of seeds to choose from.

A friend of mine believes we should have at LEAST two years worth of seed. I agree with him. And it's always best to over plant, you can gift others with your over abundance.

Happy planting!!!

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