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Monday, May 16, 2011

How to make Rose beads

Rose Beads
In a cast-iron cooking container, place a quart of fresh, finely-minced red rose petals, a cup of water, a few drops of rose oil to enhance the scent, and rusty nails, if you have any. Simmer for one hour. Remove from heat, stir well with a wooden spoon, and let it stand overnight. The next day, repeat the simmering process, adding water if necessary, until the doughy mixture has turned very dark.

Let the mixture stand until it dries to a clay-like consistency that can be easily molded. Wet your hands and roll into beads a little larger than a marble. (They will shrink about fifty percent as they dry.) Place on paper towels.

When the beads are partly dry, thread a large needle with dental floss, string the beads, and hang them to dry, turning regularly so that they don't stick to the floss. In a week, your rose beads are ready for their final stringing. Alternate them with smaller, pretty beads used as spacers. Add a clasp and store in an air-tight container to preserve the scent. As you wear them against your skin, they will warm and give out a sweet fragrance.

I wonder if this would work for other plants, like honeysuckle or lilac or lily of the valley? these are my favorites. I may try them IF I can find enough petals! Lilacs are already done in this area. There is a lot of Japanese honeysuckle blooming right now so I may try with that. Will have to find some iron nails and my old, rarely used cast iron pan; cause I sure ain't using my GOOD ones!!! lol!

By the way, I snagged that recipe from Susan Wittig Albert's "All About Thyme" newsletter. I recommend this newsletter if you like herbs, her stories (love her Chyna Bayles stories), and the history/folklore of herbs.


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