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“To forget how to dig the earth and to tend the soil is to forget ourselves.” -Gandhi

Saturday, May 28, 2011

I USE to be a doubter....

Oh I have heard all the glowing remarks about how awesome it is to grow your own herbs for tea... you know those remarks made by people who have those awesome gardens we all drool over -with every herb known to mankind, and how they make fifty billion kinds of herbal tea of which all are super tasty and healthy.

I doubted. Sure I knew mint was minty but I was not a huge fan of mint (except double mint or fresh mint gum) or so I thought.

And I HAD tried to grow my own herbs, really did give it a good shot...along with garden veggies. Each year I gave in to my need to try to grow things even if it was just some tulips in a small flower bed. But my green thumb brain has a hard time getting the message to my brown thumbs.

However, this year was different. I have had success!!! Yes I did NOT kill my mints and other herbs...although my chamomile is not doing so hot.

And I have harvested my first batch of mint! Oh I was skeptical, I had had a cup of mint tea with a friend which was great but that was from HER garden and my garden always seems to produce fruits and leafy foods that would taste like dirt. (or so said my ex who refused to eat anything I grew)

I made me a cup of mint tea. From MY mint...

The first sip was ...oh how to describe it???

awesome just seems not adequate somehow... fabulous? no that isn't right either...

How can I describe something that totally tantalized my taste buds?? LOL!

Let us just say, I am no longer a doubter. I realize it wasn't the herbs I doubted (although I did think that) it was ME and my abilities to grow good food/herbs.

So no matter what successes or non-successes I have, I will no longer doubt myself.

I think I will have another cup of tea!


  1. YAAAAAY!!! for fresh mint (and other herbs) for tea!

  2. I know! I am still stunned on how stupid I was! LOL! I mean seriously, if fresh from the garden/farm eggs, tomatoes, potatoes, etc all taste better than the store, why in the world should herbs NOT???


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